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Stream movies with your library

With filmfriend, you just need your library card to discover a whole world of film: feature films, documentaries, kids' movies, and more – all completely free, at filmfriend.de or straight on your TV.

Your library card gives you convenient, user-friendly access to streaming thousands of films, with around 300 new titles every year!

Users of participating libraries can choose from over 2,000 films and 120 series, including award-winning films and series. Search functions and carefully curated collections will help inspire you to discover the right titles, without endless scrolling.  

Nowhere else are the selection criteria so clearly laid out: Our Kids section alone has 35 collections. Each children's film is not only marked with the FSK rating, but also with an educationally sound age recommendation.

And best of all, filmfriend is free to members of participating libraries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

Is my library included?

Since its launch in Berlin in July 2017, a lot of other public libraries and university libraries have opted for filmfriend.

Is your library already includet? Find out now. Simply enter your zip code on this website and discover a filmfriend library near you:


library of the Pädagogischen Hochschule Zürich

The library of the Pädagogischen Hochschule Zürich provides up-to-date media for teaching, study, further education and research. The media for school teaching covers all levels of primary school up to the secondary level II.